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Reducing Carbon Emissions with Bioheat® Fuel

The Fight to Ease the Impact of Climate Change

home carbon footprint new jerseyThe heating oil industry in New Jersey is strongly committed to helping to ease the impact of climate change with the delivery of Bioheat® fuel — a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biofuels made from renewable sources.

Bioheat fuel is a pathway to reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) related to greenhouse gases. The goal is to transition by 2030 to a B50 blend –50% biofuel and 50% heating oil. This blend is called B50 Bioheat SuperPlus™ and it’s expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in homes by 40%.

The B50 blend of Bioheat fuel will also continue to improve system efficiency and will push us closer to realizing a carbon-neutral future by 2050. The B50 blend is not an end goal, but rather a step on the journey to a completely renewable liquid heating fuel. In the coming years, we will be within reach of a fully renewable product–B100 Bioheat fuel.

Why Bioheat Fuel Produces Fewer Emissions

Bioheat fuel is a blend of biodiesel (biofuel) and traditional petroleum-based heating oil. Biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oils or animal fats, is considered a biogenic fuel that reduces carbon output 100%. That’s because the combustion of biofuels and other biogenic energy sources actually recycle carbon dioxide emissions through renewable plant materials and other biomass feedstocks. That’s why you’ll be hearing a lot about net-zero carbon emissions in the years ahead.

Other Bioheat Fuel Benefits

Renewable, clean, cutting-edge and energy-efficient, Bioheat fuel requires no modification of your present heating oil system. Bioheat fuel is produced in the United States, so it supports local farmers, local industries and local economies. Consumers who use Bioheat fuel also benefit from:

Bioheat Is More Efficient

The proliferation of Bioheat fuel has led to the development of heating oil systems that are smarter, more efficient and cleaner burning. Today’s new systems can save you 30% or more compared with old, outdated heating oil systems.

Full-service heating oil dealers are embracing Bioheat fuel, beginning with B5 blends (5% biodiesel) and increasing from there. Each increase in the percentage of biodiesel in the blend results in even greater energy efficiency and lower emissions.

Read more about Bioheat fuel and then contact your full-service New Jersey heating oil company if you have questions about Bioheat fuel.