Heating Oil for Energy Efficiency

Heating oil is more efficient—and more economical—than ever before

When heating oil was first becoming popular, back in the 1950s, little thought was given to energy efficiency, as prices were low and the supply seemed endless. But as the years passed, it soon became clear that consumers were demanding greater efficiency in heating fuel as oil prices experienced periods of volatility.

heating oil energy efficient

Now, thanks to a generous domestic supply of oil, due to new extraction techniques, important developments such as Bioheat®, and oilheat equipment that is vastly more efficient than even 10 years ago, heating oil is one of the most efficient and economical choices for heating your home.

Reasons that heating oil is a leader in efficiency

  • Some oil heating equipment is rated as high as 95% efficient, providing oil-heated homes with more warmth while using less fuel.
  • Bioheat supports more efficient equipment, reduces emissions dramatically and eliminates the source of most equipment breakdowns.
  • Replacing an old, outdated boiler can result in fuel savings of 30% to 40% and even higher!
  • Heating oil is now ultra low in sulfur, and when blended with Bioheat, the fuel improves equipment efficiencies, reduces heating system maintenance and cuts emissions drastically.
  • Many new oil heating systems feature energy-saving features such as variable-speed motors that save you money on fuel and provide more even temperatures.

With a demonstrated commitment by the oilheat industry to maximizing energy efficiency for their customers, heating oil has a bright future as a practical, economical home energy source. And you can depend on your local full-service oilheat dealer for dependable delivery, professional service and innovative solutions.