We Fuel New Jersey

Spreading the good word about new, cleaner and more efficient oilheat

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in New Jersey rely on heating oil. Why has the fuel remained the choice of so many people in the Garden State? Because it has proven to be one of the most reliable, and, thanks to advances in heating technology, it’s also getting “greener” and more efficient every year!

heating oil association nj

This is the website of the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey (FMANJ), which advocates for the companies that deliver heating oil and home comfort services in the state. More than a trade association, FMANJ serves as the voice of oilheat in New Jersey, helping spread the word about the many benefits of heating oil to consumers and business owners.

We look out for you

In addition to advocacy and information, the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey serves as the qualified state association for the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), a congressionally authorized program that promotes oilheat, renewable home heating fuels and energy efficiency. Its mission also includes educating consumers and the industry, and initiating research and development projects for heating oil and heating equipment.

Like many industries, home heating has undergone many changes over the years. But one thing about FMANJ remains constant—a commitment to being a strong advocate for our constituents—and the many consumers in New Jersey who depend on oilheat.

To learn more about our association and the work we do to support our businesses and their customers, visit FMANJ.com.

Fast facts about oilheat in New Jersey

  • FMANJ advocates for more than 600 petroleum marketers and industry suppliers doing business in the Garden State.
  • Residential consumption of heating oil in New Jersey has dropped by hundreds of gallons annually over the past few decades, thanks to industry efforts to install more high-efficiency oilheat equipment.
  • Retail oilheat dealers play an important role in helping low-income homeowners receive assistance under the low-income home energy assistance program.
  • Many heating oil customers in New Jersey receive an ultra-low-sulfur heating oil blended with Bioheat®. The transition to this fuel has resulted in significantly lower emissions, greater heating efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

We encourage you to explore the rest of this website and learn how you can save energy, save money and get the most out of your oil-heated home. The more you know about oilheat, the happier you’ll be.