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Furnace Tip For The Fall: Change Your Air Filter

Easy maintenance for greater efficiency and longer system life

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With proper maintenance, the average oil furnace can last 15 years or longer. One way to make sure that your system reaches its full life expectancy and operates efficiently is to perform an easy do-it-yourself maintenance task—changing or cleaning your furnace’s air filter as often as the manufacturer recommends. In general, you should check the filter’s condition about once a month and change or clean it when necessary during the heating season.

What you should know about your furnace’s air filter:

Here’s what can happen if you ignore your air filter:

With a clogged air filter, there is less room for air to flow through your system and through your home. Your furnace will need to work harder to circulate air, which will result in an increase in your heating bills. Your home will become less comfortable and the indoor air quality will degrade.

If you’re not sure how to change the filter yourself but would like to, please contact your heating oil service company for advice.