Born to Run Clean and Efficiently


Staying With Heating Oil Vs. Converting

bioheat industry new jerseyNew Jerseyans who have heating oil equipment that’s 20 years old or older have a decision to make sooner or later: should they replace their heating oil system with a new model or switch to another fuel to heat their home?

If they do decide to convert, the payback could take much longer. That’s because the upfront cost to convert a heating fuel system alone can be expensive. But the bottom line really comes down to investing in efficiency. It really doesn’t benefit you to switch to a less efficient fuel when heating oil can keep you warm even on the coldest of nights.

Why Heating Oil Keeps Your Home Warm

Heating oil generates a very high number of Btu’s of heat energy per gallon, so it will warm your New Jersey home reliably—and more evenly.

Modern, efficient heating oil systems in well-insulated homes can help homeowners achieve the same amount of warmth while using much less fuel. This results in huge savings and reduces fuel consumption considerably.

And keep this in mind if you are ever on the fence when it comes to switching fuels. When it comes to efficiency, heating oil systems are no different than any other outdated heating system, regardless of the fuel used. Old furnaces and boilers can generate higher-than-necessary fuel bills, but they can be easily replaced with equipment that incorporates today’s new heating oil technology.

And with the availability of New Jersey heating oil equipment rebates, it is easier than ever to cut your fuel costs and save even more by upgrading to the best heating oil system available.

Improvements In Fuel Quality

The growth of ultra-low-sulfur Bioheat® fuel supports more efficient heating oil equipment while also reducing emissions dramatically and eliminating the source of most equipment breakdowns. New heating oil systems are smarter, more efficient, and can save you 20% or more compared with your old, outmoded heating oil system.

In a continuing effort to be a partner in reducing fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide (CO2) greenhouse gas emissions, hundreds of heating oil industry leaders unanimously passed a resolution to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the accelerated use of clean, renewable Bioheat fuel blends in heating oil.

In The Future: Higher Blends Of Clean-Burning Bioheat Fuel

Full-service heating oil companies in New Jersey and other states are embracing Bioheat fuel, mostly beginning with B5 blends (5% biodiesel) and increasing from there. Each increase in the percentage of Bioheat in the blend results in even greater energy efficiency and lower emissions.

Heating oil companies in New Jersey, along with the entire industry, have committed to adopting even higher blends in the not-too-distant future. This includes achieving industry-wide blends of B20 by 2023, B50 by 2030 and a 100% Bioheat fuel by 2050, which will result in net-zero carbon emissions! Bioheat fuel is a big reason that homeowners in New Jersey can look forward to a long, comfortable and fuel-efficient future as heating oil customers.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home energy efficiency with a new heating oil system, please reach out to your local heating oil company in New Jersey.