Does Staying With Oil Make Sense?

The bottom line comes down to Investing in Efficiency

Is it a smart move to switch from oilheat to another heating fuel? Absolutely not! The newest oilheat systems are more efficient than ever!

The bottom line comes down to this: efficiency beats switching fuels. That’s why the nonprofit Consumer Energy Council of America has noted that when someone switches fuels, they can actually lose thousands of dollars in conversion and installation costs. To reduce your fuel bills, the best solution remains the same: don’t switch fuels, invest in new, efficient oilheat technology instead.

In fact, with the plentiful domestic oil supply, lower oil prices and high-efficiency heating equipment, there’s never been a better time to use heating oil. The truth is, over the long term, switching rarely ever makes sense. Heating oil customers can feel good about having made the right decision to stay with oilheat for all these years.

High efficiency means lower heating bills

In truth, the smartest way to save energy and money is by upgrading to a new, high-efficiency oil heating system instead of switching from one fuel to another.

That’s because the key to saving money and energy is better efficiency. And the key to achieving higher efficiency is through new, modern heating technology—not by chasing promises of “better” or “cheaper.” An older system will simply not be nearly as efficient as the new systems that are now available.

Modern, efficient oil heating systems in well-insulated homes can provide homeowners with the same amount of warmth while using as much as 40% less fuel. This results in huge savings and reduces consumption considerably.

Older oilheat systems, like any other type of heating system, will not provide the same level of efficiency as new equipment. Old systems may still provide warmth, but they also generate higher-than-necessary fuel bills. The good news is that a new, high-efficiency system can provide more consistent comfort at a considerably lower cost.

With the rebates and special financing that are available to New Jersey homeowners, it is easier than ever to cut your fuel costs and save even more by upgrading to the best oil heating systems available.

Contact your local full-service heating oil dealer

Your local full-service heating oil company offers professional installation and service for the latest high-efficiency oilheat systems, and can help you secure available rebates and special financing. Why spend more for your comfort when you could be saving 20%, 30% or even 40% on fuel every winter?